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It's Not All Bad (10.27.00)

Well well what do we have here? As the clouds roll in and the winter finds a good place to nap we're left in the shoulder season. It's too wet to bike. OK, OK, ya freakn' puritans, for most of us wimps it's too wet to bike. Besides, some of us take this time to count our lucky stars (Yes, thank you lucky stars) we weren't injured too badly before the end of the season. Now we watch the rain fall with maniacal grins and have wonderful 20-cm dreams. But in the mean time, we're left with a month of weekends without an outdoor activity, leaving us with scant little to do in the mean time but nurse a hangover. That's right, as a wise man once said, "A whisky front's movin' in"

As if on cue, enter the 3rd Annual Rail Ale Brewmasters Dinner hosted by the Howe Sound Inn and Brewing Company. I tell ya, the recent hijinks of our mayor and council has certainly driven me to drink, and after the amazing spread on Saturday, I'd like to say "Thank You". For those unaware of this culinary affair, it features an incredible 3-course meal accompanied by the appropriate frothy beverage.

On the menu was Diamonhead Stout, followed by the incredible Pilsner Plunge then for desert, a special treat from the private reserve, a Raspberry Hefewisen (Hef to it's friends). Believe it or not, the food was just as good. And judging by the smiles, everyone had a great time, heck, even Corinne Lonsdale and Wendy Magee were in attendance as Steve Shard handed over a check (raised from sales of the pubs own rail ale) bringing the donations of the evening to 5 thousand dollars. Not too shabby.

Speaking of supporting the community, I had the opportunity recently to speak with Cliff Miller. As some of you know Cliff Miller is the race coordinator for the Test of Metal who lives in a luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills, that is when he's not sailing around the world in his 90-foot yacht. Yes it seems he's been living high off the hog from money made from the Test. *Pop* OK, well I admit, even I entertained the thought that Cliff actually made money from the Test of Metal, I mean why else would the guy spend ridiculous hours over and above his day job to put on this race. Well I guess he's just a nice guy, or completely loopy. Perhaps a little from column A and a little from column B.

Either way this year the test of metal actually did make money. Yup, and what's going to happen to this $8,100 that was left after the $26,000 in prize money? Well he was going to buy the new skookm super bike with 15 inches of travel but instead he's wasting it on us. The shopping list is extensive and includes scholarships, the adopt a bike program, donations to the Bob Macintosh Memorial, balding for dollars, a trail maintenance vehicle, the list goes on and on until every penny is spent on us. Thanks eh!

Insert SFX: that spooky Halloween tape that every year your neighbor forgets to shut off and it drives you nuts all night.

Welcome to Count Bryan's Monster Horror Chiller Corner. With all the frightful things going on in Squamish this month I've found it hard to get in the mood for my favorite holiday, Halloween. Hey, when you dress without guilt you look forward to the one-day you're accepted. But being a giving sort and not having a treat on me I feel obliged to give you something... perhaps some advice. You know, just in case you find yourself wandering the streets during this most spooky night. Beware the undead, they're the most scary because they don't fear anything, not even political suicide.

Bryan lives, loves, and has beautiful 20 cm dreams in Squamish.


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