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Deja W (04.thirteenth.01)

Man, I take a couple weeks off from ranting about local politics and look what happens... The following is pent up frustration unleashed... It's a bumpy ride, hang on.

"That boy just bottles it up, then BAM" - unknown

George W. Bush scares the hell out of me.
Each and every time that ignorant embodiment of all that is inbred America flashes his shit eating grin, my brain and body immediately prepare itself for what is surely the end of the world.

Ever since he lost the election, yet assumed power, I have been convinced that our days are limited. But even though he scares the be-jeezus out of me, he also makes me laugh. I mean come on, kicking known Russian spy's out of the country - how funny is that! "Eeeek it's the red threat!" Now you can almost hear his pea brain trying to figure out a way to go to war with China. Word has it, his aids were quick to point out that "they're little, yellow and different" isn't a good enough reason... We'll see.

So it is whenever I have the opportunity to talk with Americans, I ask their opinion on the subject. After subtle defending, they're quick to agree that their leader leaves much to be desired. Then the conversation inevitably leads into how great Canada is. You guys are so nice, everything's so green and you don't have a lunatic leading you into imminent destruction.. Oh no?

It is here that, depending on how much time we have, I continue to tell them, things are just as crazy up here. Only instead of George Dub-ya Bush Vs the red threat, we have Corinne Dub-ya Lonsdale Vs the green threat.

Up until now I've given our Mayor and Council the benefit of the doubt. Seriously, I've tried very hard to look at each argument from both sides, and for the most part I feel I've succeeded. Mostly, I've taken it easy on them because Corinne has an amazing ability to play the victim. After each and every conversation with her I'm left thinking, yeah, I can see why she did this, she was a victim in it all, and we're being too hard. Well that washed the first dozen times, no more.

Now I am convinced without a shadow of a doubt that our Mayor and Council (with the obvious exception of Shelly and Raj) have an agenda. And that agenda is to effectively destroy Squamish's potential. Estimated reaction to previous statement 10% - no they're not 10% who cares 80% thanks for pointing out the obvious once again Bryan.

It is upsetting though. I mean all this time I've been trying to be nice. As they continue to wage the war on tourism I've been cutting them serious slack. From the disbanding of the parks and rec. board, and the turfing of the Economic development officer; to the whole woodchip fiasco, there was no end to their embarrassing actions. But now their sneaky, underhanded ways have simply gone too far (again).

Yes I'm talking about the departure of District administrator Grant McRadu. Not so much his leaving but rather Mayor and Council's explanation which, if I may summarize. "He left, and it's none of your business!"
So it's come to that eh? Mayor and council have become so comfortable with their shifty backroom dealings they know they can get away with anything. Because they don't care enough about their constituents to explain their actions we can only go by the word on the street which is Grant opposed the woodchip location. And as our mayor a council have repeatedly shown, Squamish is at war, and opposing views are a sign of weakness.

Ha - an image just came into my head which I think sums up our council nicely. It's a school yard where a young Corinne, surrounded by Wendy, Paul and the other cronies, have Squamish cornered and pushing our shoulder they say "Yeah, what are you gonna do about it?"

Now that's an interesting question. What are we going to do about it? Wait another year and hope they don't do more damage? Have them impeached? - Wait a second? I saw Wendy with a red jacket the other day, and Corinne has been seen more than once red in the face. They're COMMIES! George, get up here quick, we've got some live ones up here.

Bryan swings at the end of his rope in Squamish.
He also finds McCarthyism very funny.


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