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2001 - Year of the PIG (03.30.01)

First I must define pig as some have been taking exception to that phrase being used to describe their bike. Let it be known that pig is not meant to be derogatory, rather it's just easier to say pig than, big huge monster bike with over 5 inches of travel front and back. However, now I can see why downhillers/freeriders/anyone with a pig, gets very defensive when people mention their bikes.

Allow me to explain. Recently I decided to bite the bullet, and the bank account to buy a pig from Corsa Cycles. Let me tell you it was the best decision I've ever made. Dave, Troy and Easy helped me pick out the perfect bike and now with their fancy new digs in Squamish Station, they're always ready to step up to any scenario. However, there was one thing they didn't prepare me for. I wasn't prepared for the unanimous reaction from "the people" once I decided to hop on the plush bandwagon and become a member of the 5 & 5 club.

The people: "Oh, you're one of THOSE now."
Me: "Excuse me? Those?
The people: "A Shuttler. You know one of those lazy bastards who drive their bikes to the top of Diamond Head, rip up the trail then drive back to your North Van. home never once helping on a trail maintenance day."
Me: "Oh one of those."

Well how do you like them apples. It seems without even trying that I'm thrown bike first into another battle in Squamish. I'm just Thankful there's nary a woodchip to be seen. No, this battle is between the cardio freaks who bike up, and the lazy bastards who drive up. The main problem is that wording exactly. "Lazy bastards" It's assumed that shuttlers are in fact lazy and therefore never give back and maintain the trails. While this may be true in some circumstances, generally the car droppers I know all have their own trails, and they're first with the coffee and a safety meeting when a maintenance day is announced. But of course, like anything there are the bad apples who ruin the bunch.

Voila' a solution.
Well, if not a solution, at least it's a step to recognizing the problem.

Do these shuttle tourists even know about maintenance days? Well they won't have that excuse for long now that you're armed with this!

Just print this page, photocopy the cupon like flyer and keep a couple copies in your camel pack. Then when you come upon a truck parked at the top of a grueling climb. Take a moment from your cursing of their gasoline guts, and politely place one of these informational flyers on their windshield.

If nothing else, it will give them one less excuse to not come out to a maintenance day.


So you've decided to shuttle.

"Not that there's anything wrong with that!"

Hey there,
First, apologies for resorting to a windshield flyer. But rest assured that this is not an offer to loose weight, learn a trade, or change religions.

It is however, an offer to close the ever widening gap between those that shuttle (AKA: car drop) and those that peddle their bikes up the hill.

Either way we're both lucky enough to enjoy some of the most incredible mountain bike trails around. Unfortunately, trails don't fix themselves.

It is here that a request be made.
Please, enjoy your day on our world class trails. Then a couple times a season, give a little back and get involved in a maintenance day.
WHERE & WHEN? Just phone one of the bike shops (Corsa, Tantalus) there are people fixing up the trails every day, and they would love some help.

So rip it up,
Just help put it back when you're done.


Bryan lives, loves and freerides in Squamish,


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