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Love Me I'm a Liberal. (05.25.01)

So it was that the liberals won by a landslide and in my own little world I couldn't wait for the headlines to read "Now you've done it!"

But like all the headlines recently, it was nothing but sunshine coming out of Gorden Campbell's million dollar heiny. Post election I was stopped several times to ask my opinion on the outcome... they only asked once, for I am one of the very few to admit that I would rather have had another NDP government. (Pause for expressions of gasp, shock and horror)

Now it seems like everyone hates the NDP. But I've had some fun with it. Each time I come upon a staunch NDP hater I ask "why?" OK, besides buying 5 crappy boats and Glen getting a friend to help build a sundeck. what did they do that was so wrong? Nine times out of ten the blank stare response is worth the beer I had to buy to drown the sorrows of ignorance. Then out come the facts that we in BC have the lowest unemployment rate and in the grand scheme of things, we're doing quite well for ourselves. Unfortunately the press love to hate em' so the public only hears what they want you to hear.

But what's done is done. We live in a democracy (try using that word with a straight face) and as such we now have the 'honorable' Gordon Campbell as premier. So now we have to sit back and see what happens. The things I'm keeping an eye on... Firstly, post-secondary tuition. Rates have been frozen for years, almost enough for kids to actually afford to go to school. Soon it's not only going to be unfrozen but hiked, hiked, and hiked. But that's OK, I mean realistically, the poor don't need education to work at minimum wage jobs. The rich need education so they can keep the good paying jobs.

Secondly I will be sad to see the imminent destruction of ICBC.

"Wait a second there Bryan, you're going to defend ICBC?" Funny enough, yes I am, just give me a moment and let me tell you why. Say insurance companies are privatized. Cool if you're a good driver you can go get insured by the private company and save 50 bucks or so. Until you have an accident, then you'll have to go back to ICBC. This will leave ICBC with all the bad drivers. Then eventually they will not be able to handle all the bad drivers and prest-o bang-o no more ICBC. YEAY I hear the masses say. But hang on. ICBC spends millions every year on fixing roads, education in schools, programs for children to learn road safety and countless other valuable programs that literally save lives. But that's OK, I'm sure the private company's will be more than willing to shell out a large percent of their profits to help their fellow man. HA! That and with the free trade mumbo jumbo lurking around the corner once insurance is privatized there is NO going back without shelling gout hundreds of millions to each and every private insurance company.

Another scary point. the press is the official opposition. Too bad they don't have a seat.

But it could be too early to tell. Personally I'm hoping Gordon Campbell is as shifty as he looks, sounds and acts. That way if what I believe is true, and everything he's said has been a lie then maybe he's actually a caring individual.

But what does this mean for Squamish? Well with all the cuts planned, we'll see just how many promises were just hot air, either way it should be an interesting couple of years. Seeing as we're at the end, I'll leave you with the sticker of the month that sums it up very nicely. "Vote for Gordon Campbell's BC liberals - They hate the poor as much as you do!"

Bryan engages in hand to hand combat with the political bug in Squamish.


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