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Would The Real Town of Squamish Please Stand Up (02.02.01)

"Last call for alcohol, last call for freedom of speech"
J. Biafra.

Remember when your mother, or quite possibly your father said "...and I forbid you to see that
boy/girl ever again!" Well at that second, the luckiest person to be in the world was that guy/girl. I mean, after recommendations like that you were sure to get laid. And the more they said how awful and ridiculous they were, the more and more you wanted them. Because they were good? Because they were the best? No. Because that's just the way we are. Well that's when we were kids right. HA! It happens now as well. Only now we're the adults, the mayor and council
are the kids and sure enough, someone's still getting screwed!

That's right folks, the time to act is now!
On Monday the final battle will be fought. In one corner we have the heart and soul of Squamish represented by we the people. In the other corner, we have Canfor wanting to put an end to our little dream defended (so far) by Corinne, Paul, Wendy,Cheryl, and Rick.
What can you do? Well no matter what your thoughts on the subject we need you to show up to the meeting! And not just you, but your friends, family and coworkers. Heck even your well wishers and cronies. Push pull or drag them to the Brennan park leisure center before 7:30 on Monday and watch the games finally end.

Before you go however there are some things you should know. First of all, you don't' have to speak, (granted it would be better if you did). Just your showing up might be enough for the powers to realize the mistake that could be made. "But I'm scared to speak out of fear of the repercussions" yeah, welcome to the club. It's just the price we pay for living in a town of bullies. But like all life's situations, if you don't' stick up for yourself who else will?

"Do we have a chance?" the way I see it, Corinne and Wendy have dug their heels so far they can't even see the level ground any more. Cheryl has made it clear the second she started campaigning that she would never make a decision that affected the forestry industry. Because of that she can't make a decision without making it a forestry issue, her case is closed. Rick however is a fence sitter extroidenaire. Rick might be swayed. But the real money is on Paul.
You see Paul has the mayor's seat in his eyes. This could very well be the moment he tares them off long enough to realize, if he votes it in he just might not have a chance. We have to make it clear to Paul that if he votes to destroy, er, amend the OCP and make downtown Squamish an industrial park complete with hog fuel, we WILL NOT elect him mayor.

So those of you who have been fence sitting, your time is up. After Monday it's over and they can vote Monday night or Tuesday. I'll say it again - your time is up, grab some Squamish pride and let em have it this Monday.

Well, once it's all over lord knows you'll need a laugh. Nice segue Bryan. For those technically inclined I would like to take this moment to invite you to ((WELCOME - insert pleasant smile and firm handshake here)) that's right, I've gone from 0 to personal web page in less than 3 months. What can you find there? Well for starters, you can read this very article! Actually you can read all my past articles with
one BIG difference - they're UN-edited. That's right, everything the Voice and their lipless lawyers threw out, now you can read in full!
So with that said, please show up on Monday and if nothing else, make them commit political suicide in front of the whole town.

Bryan lives in beautiful Squamish but for how long?
Reach him at


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