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Best Movies Ever!

Yes those are bold words but here I am anyway with some surefire hits to beat the video store void. It's an evolving list so some descriptions are "in progress"

We’ve all been sucked into that horrible video store void. I blame those electronic towers at the door that are ‘supposedly’ to stop theft but I’m positive they erase your mind of any movie suggestions you heard earlier in the week. Luckily, I’m once again here to help, this time with a “very short” go-to list of movies many haven’t, yet should see.

Of course this is an ever expanding list but for now these are the gems I give to you.

Since most of you will be skimming, let’s start with the

Favorite movie of all time:
Highway 61 – Not only “best ever” but it is also part of the greatest Rock & Road movie trilogy ever (Road Kill - Highway 61 - Hard Core Logo). It literally has it all. You can do nothing but enjoy, so feel free to do so now.

V for Vendetta: A masked man killing all the right people for all the right reasons. Intelligent kick ass action does not come better than this.
Sin City: The best transfer of a graphic novel to the big screen. Incredible plot and acting with horrific cartoon violence.
Ong-bak: Tai Warrior: Tony Jaa is a human marvel raising the Jackie Chan bar to unbelievable levels with insane physical feats.
Battle Royal:
The Killer:
X-Men (first one):
Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels:
El Mariachi:
Once Upon a Time in Mexico:

Cult Classics:
Hedwig and the Angry Inch: You’ve never seen anything like it, and that’s good for so many reasons. It’s a downright fantastic drag queen story that heavily revolves around its phenomenal soundtrack.
How to get Ahead in Advertising: Richard E Grant is a superb High-powered ad man who lets ‘the businesses’ and ‘a boil’ get to him.
Akira: Everyone is nervous about renting their first Japanimation film because you can never tell what the hell is happening on those boxes. If you’re going to start somewhere, start with the best.
Heathers: High school angst starring a young Winona Rider and Christian Slater. Because every teen has a moment when they want to kill everyone and blow up the school.
Repo Man: Quintessential 80’s punk flick with a young Emilio Estivez, Harry Dean Staton, aliens and a Malibu with an authentic soundtrack
Harold & Maud: Young love, Old Love, funerals and a Jaguar hearse, it has it all.
Very Very Silly:
Pooty Tang:
Hilarious ladies man who “You can’t understand what he says but you know what he means”
Man Who Knew too Little- one of Bill Murray’s lesser known yet best efforts. Here he brilliantly bumbles through a spy movie.
Undercover Brother: spoofy blacksploitation brother plucked from the 70’s fighting “the Man” in the 90’s.
Amazon Women on the Moon: It doesn’t get sillier then this hundred star cast. A silly late night movie is constantly interrupted with even sillier programs.
The Stupids: Tom Arnold. That is both a warning and a promise of silliness.
How I got into College: Quirky comedy about getting in to college, harmless fun.

Fairy Tale:
Princess Bride:  Many shun from anything with the word ‘princess’ in it yet become understandably excited when they find out Andre the Giant is in it.
5000 Fingers of Doctor T: The Dr.Seus movie you never saw but should.

ADULT Fairy Tale:
City of Lost Children: Dark and delicious
Pan's Labyrinth:  Also very dark and delicious

Shakes the Clown: The "Citezen Kane" of alcoholic clown movies.
Clerks: Two super slacker corner store clerks with fantastic dialogue, great story, and ridiculously small budget. Clerks II: a refreshingly good sequel.
Thank you for Smoking – You’ll almost have sympathy for the tobacco industry. Now that’s funny.
Fido – do you like the words “50’s kitsch culture” and “domesticated zombies.” Have I the movie for you!
Better off Dead:Young John Cusask in 80's radical high school ski club.
Tape Heads:
John Cusak and Tim Robbins fluke their way to a video making career
Delicate art of Parking:
Office Space:
Perhapse the finest 'work sucks' film
Shakes the Clown:
The Citizen Kane of alcoholic clown movies.

Young Poiseners Handbook
Heavenly Creatures: True story two New Zeland girls go a little too deep in their fantasy land.
You me and Everyone we Know
(WARNING this one deals with 'leave you scarred' material)
Fight Club
Run Lola Run
Withnail and I

Old Boy: Over the top insane revenge flick


The Tune
Ninja Scroll
Wallace and Grommit (Original Adventures)
Spike & Mike Compellations
Beavis and Buthead do America:
Even if you didn't like the show this movie stands on it's own.

Go-To Directors:
it's tough to go wrong with these guys:
The Cohen Brothers
(Millars Crossing, Fargo, No Country For Old Men...)
John Waters
(Pecker, Hairspray, Serial Mom, Pink Flamingos...)
Bruce Mculloch
(Road Kill, Highway 61, Hard Core Logo...)
Tim Burton
(Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, Nightmare Before Crismas, Beetlejuice...)








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