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Worthy Mentions

 Think fast HIPPIE!
 as seen on Californication!

 Yes, season 2 episode 11 has David  Duchovny's friend wearing my shirt.  That is pretty cool.

Recent Features

 Where the hell is the recent writing?  Good question - I still write monthly   you can check out the goods if you click this link

Now OLD Favorites :)
 Here's a sample, the archives are
 Over there...

Thank the Enabler (07.18.08)
 The people who let you have fun.
 We need more of those people.

 Lets do this again(07.04.08)
 Squamish festival days - great food,
 and dancing in the streets - nice.

 Best of times?(06.20.08)
 Squamish hates children on bikes.
 Pathetic? Yes, but believable.

 Chamber for $100(06.06.08)
 GAS bought Squamish Chamber?
 Why bother?

 Local Social(05.23.08)
 A way to meet your neigbors...
 I can't believe no one thought of this.

 Slow Ride Results(04.25.08)
 Squamish rides to bring awareness.
 Sadly, someone has to die to care.

 Place your Bets (04.11.08)
 Squamish gets a Casino? Not really.
 We get problems without profits.

 Take out the Trash (02.15.08)
 Is our Mayor anti-recycling? Weird.  Plus the affordable housing hoax.

 Another Jewel (02.01.08)
 Cross country skiing in Squamish?  Not quite but still fun!

 Oh Santa, you shouldn't...
 Everybody sing this festive ditty...
 "Conrad Black is going to pri-son!"

 Olympic horse pucky.  (10.12.07)
 Squamish's Olympic legacy? - HA!
 Bruce Allan, VANOC, it's all hooey.

 You get what you pay for 

 Pay Squamish council peanuts...
 You can't get mad at the monkeys.

 Three Strikes (05.11.07)
 Canucks choke, Squamish Chokes.
 I'm Choked.

 Earth day SUCKS! (04.27.07)
 Once a year people give a hoot.
 We need bigger changes.

 It's Hard Out Here For a
 (beer) Pimp
 Squamish's brewery turns 10.


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